Ethical Consideration

Compliance with Ethical Standards
Ethical approval
Approval of the ethical committee should be mentioned in the article content and also sent to the journal office.
 Informed consent
Authors should ensure that an informed consent was obtained from all participants before conducting survey, or, if participants are unable to provide it, informal consent should be obtained from their legal guardian.
  • People and organizations that were not directly involved in the research can be appreciated.
  • Include all the individuals who contributed in the study materially or spiritually (any kind of help).
  • It is necessary to briefly mention the cause of appreciating people and the role they played.
  Authorship Criteria
Authors' names should be mentioned according to the defined criteria by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). According to the ICMJE recommendations, authors (or one of them) should have all the following criteria:
  • Have a substantial contribution in at least one of the following activities: a) presenting the research conception or designing the study, b) gathering the data, c) analyzing and interpreting;
  • Have a role in drafting the work or revising it critically for important intellectual scientific content;
  • Study and approve the final version to be published;
  • Agree to be accountable for the correctness and accuracy of all aspects of the work.
  Authors' Contribution
In this section, the contribution of each author should be mentioned. However, due to the blind review process, the authors' names should be written in abbreviations; the first letters of the first and family names should be written, such as S. A.
  • Study design:
  • Data collection:
  • Data analysis:
  • Manuscript's composition and edit:
Financial Support
  • In the case of financial support for the research, should be mentioned the name of supporting organization or institute and grant numbers should be completed.
  • If there was no support for the research, Please write “Not Applicable”
  Competing Interests
  • The author(s) should state all of the affiliations that may be considered as competing interests and report any financial and non-financial supports as well as the possible competing interests.
  •  Should be noted that journal will have the right to make any decision about the articles that do not mention the conflicts and will not be responsive to the authors and supporters’ conflicts and complaints on this subject.
  • If there is no Competing Interests, please state "The authors declare have no Competing Interests"
  Scientific Misconducts
Plagiarism, fabrication, and falsification are considered as the scientific misconducts in this journal.
  • The manuscripts' contents should not be copied from other studies. The authors should mention their resources in the case of using a part of another research or ideas of another researcher.
  • We check the plagiarism using appropriate software and the respectable authors are recommended to check their manuscripts on the Plagiarism Checker and Plagscan website before sending it to the journal.    
Fabrication is defined as making up data, results and reporting them.
It is manipulating research materials, equipment, or processes or changing or omitting data or results such that the research is not accurately represented in the research record.

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