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Incidence of Medical Errors in Voluntary Reporting System in Hospitals of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences in 2014 (7737 Downloads)
Performance of Health Care System Reform Plan from the Perspective of University Hospitals Executives in Yazd Province in 2015 (7425 Downloads)
Designing a Strategy Map with Balanced Scorecard Approach (A Case Study in Montaserieh Hospital) (6509 Downloads)
Relationship between Organizational Learning and Organizational Agility in Teaching Hospitals of Yazd (5069 Downloads)
Design of Hospital Accreditation Model: A Qualitative Study (4616 Downloads)
Priorities of Research in Health Management, Economic, and Policy Fields: A Qualitative Study in Iran (4549 Downloads)
Standard Evaluation of Green Hospital in Medical Centers of North Khorasan University of Medical Sciences in 2016 (4179 Downloads)
Identification of Hospital Information System Performance Key Indicators for Benchmarking; A Qualitative Study (4170 Downloads)
Shiraz Medical Tourism Industry: Development Strategies (3950 Downloads)
Study of Marketing Components Affecting Health Care Services in Hospitals (3664 Downloads)
Designing Customer Relationship Management Model in Hospital (3375 Downloads)
The Relationship of Organizational Citizenship Behavior with Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment of Nurses among Public Hospitals of Tehran University of Medical Sciences (2766 Downloads)
Assessment of Schools Health Activities and Programs in the Field of Healthy Diet and Nutrition in Tabriz City in 2017 (2729 Downloads)
Patterns of Physician-Patient Relationship: A Case Study in Shahid Sadoughi Hospital (2723 Downloads)
Identifying Improvement Opportunities in Emergency Department Processes Using Value-stream Mapping: A Case Study (2722 Downloads)
East Asia's Strategies for Effective Response to COVID-19: Lessons Learned for Iran (2692 Downloads)
Investigating the Organizational and Psychological Factors Affecting the Development and Improvement of Faculty Members' Job Performance (2622 Downloads)
Investigation of Disorders and Problems caused by Shift Work in Selected Nurses of Public-Educational Hospital of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, 2015 (2596 Downloads)
The Relationship between Organizational Culture and Employees’ Creativity in Qazvin City Hospitals (2558 Downloads)
An Investigation on Entrepreneurship Status of Healthcare Management Students in Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences, Yazd, Iran (2522 Downloads)
The Relationship Between Participative Management and Resistance to Change from the Perspective of Administrators at Educational Hospitals in Yazd, 2013 (2479 Downloads)
Computing Cost Price for Cataract Surgery by Activity Based Costing (ABC) Method at Hazrat-E-Zahra Hospital, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, 2014 (2448 Downloads)
The Relation between Perceived Organizational Justice and Job Satisfaction among the Staff of Birjand University of Medical Sciences (2448 Downloads)
The Challenges of Strategic Planning in Tehran Province Hospitals (2378 Downloads)
Strategic Analysis of Maternal Health Program Evaluation System for Providing Improvement Strategies using Internal-External Environment Assessment Technique in Iran (2243 Downloads)
Investigating the Challenges Affecting the Health System Development Plan from the Viewpoint of the Managers and Employees of Tehran Province Hospitals (2228 Downloads)
Ranking of the Causes of Medication Errors in the Viewpoints of Nurses in Selected Hospitals Affiliated With Yazd University of Medical Sciences, Iran (2197 Downloads)
The Relationship between Energy Consumption and Hospital Functional Indicators in Teaching Hospitals of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences: 2009-2011 (2193 Downloads)
The Correlation between Organizational Commitment of Nurses and the Quality of Hospital Services at Women's Hospital of Tehran (2181 Downloads)
The Relationship between the Patient's Safety and Nurses' Team Working in Surgical and Intensive Care Units in Gilan Province Selected Hospitals (2119 Downloads)
Distributive Leadership Style: A New Approach for Spontaneous Behaviors in Hospitals (2114 Downloads)
Challenges in Implementation of Health Care Reform in the Area of Treatment Qom City (2104 Downloads)
Infrastructures and Necessary Actions Parallel to Reforms of Medical Service Tariffs to Improve Health System Performance in Iran: A Qualitative Study (2060 Downloads)
The Relationship between Time Management and the Academic Achievement Motivation in Students: A Case Study among the Students of the Public Health School in Yazd Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences in 2016 (2046 Downloads)
The Effect of Organizational Agility on Employees' Empowerment Characteristics Regarding the Role of Forgetting and Organizational Silence (Case Study: Shafa Hospital Personnel of Khorramabad) (2008 Downloads)
Obstacles and Facilitators of Preventive Programs and Strategies for Medical Errors (1961 Downloads)
Correlation of Leadership Style with Job Satisfaction and Happiness among the Staff of Petroleum Industry Health Organization (1947 Downloads)
One Verse, One Concept (1941 Downloads)
Status of Waste Management in Selected Hospitals of Isfahan in 2014 (1937 Downloads)
Relationship between Mental Health and Quality of Working Life among Clinical Staff of Selected Hospitals of Medical Sciences, Yazd (1903 Downloads)
A Comparison of Clinic Care and Home Care Regarding Costs of Treatment for Children with Cerebral Palsy (1864 Downloads)
Investigating the Relationship of Study and Learning Strategies with the Level of Test Anxiety among Students of Yazd University of Medical Sciences in 2016 (1840 Downloads)
Policy-making for Rationing in the Healthcare System: A review to provide suggestions for Iran (1829 Downloads)
Challenges of Clinical Governance in Risk Management: A Qualitative Study of Teaching Hospitals (1740 Downloads)
Measuring the Development Degree of Cities in Khorasan Razavi Province based on Accessibility index for health services (1739 Downloads)
Comparison between Family Functions of Families with and without Mentally Retarded Children (1725 Downloads)
The Impact of Selected Health, Environment, and Economics Indicators on Health Expenditure in Developed and Developing Countries (1704 Downloads)
Good Governance and Public Value Management in the Face of COVID-19 (1690 Downloads)
Investigating Access Status to Healthcare Centers with the Spatial Justice Approach (A Case Study: District 7 of Tehran) (1621 Downloads)
Investigating Delay Causes in Patients' Discharge in Educational Hospitals of Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences from Nurses and Physicians' Perspective, 2016 (1561 Downloads)
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